280. That is my number. That is the number that finally forced me to do something about my health. Well, actually, it is one of them.

280 pounds, 5′ 5″, 187 systalic, 103 diastolic,

and 90 beats per minute. 

Maybe you’ve had weight issues like mine. Or maybe you have high blood pressure like mine also. Maybe yours has been worse than mine. Or just maybe, you are a health professional and understand the…situation I found myself in.

I blame Oreos…and soda…and how hard it is to work out.

I really should be blaming myself. 

My husband and I have been…concerned about my health for a while.  I went from a job where I did nothing but walk around to a desk job. In under six months, I had gained 20 lbs. In the two years, since I have had this job, I have gone from 225 lbs (still high and unhealthy) to 280 lb. But here’s the thing: no one, not even my husband, can take care of me except for…well, me.

So this blog is just me: an average everyday working professional who needs to get her health under wrap.

I know how hard it is for people with 8-5pm jobs and who have to commute at least 30 or more minutes to and from work, to eat health. So, this every-day, non-professional blogger or nutritionist, is here to journal her journey. As I learn how to change my lifestyle to one focused on health, I want to share my findings.

Feel free to ask questions, you’ll probably come up with some I’ve not thought of.

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