The Idaho Vegan


I’m not a nutritionist. I am no expert in being vegan. In fact, I’ve only been a vegan for 9 days. So why write about it? The truth: I got overwhelmed.

Becoming a vegan and giving up any food that contains some form of animal product is hard, especially in the area where I live. When we don’t feel like cooking, my husband and I can’t just go out to eat anymore. Everything we do now seems like we have to stop and do research first. For someone who likes spontaneity, that is something that is a little difficult to follow.

I couldn’t just reach into my pantry and grab my favorite chips. I couldn’t just grill up a piece of chicken for dinner, or marinate some steak. I couldn’t make an omelet or have a simple bowl of cereal because we didn’t have coconut or almond milk to pour over our cereal. Oh, that’s right! The cereal we had in the pantry had a frosting on it and contained milk products.

You can see how it was so easy for this new lifestyle to completely obliterate my peaceful life. I just want to share my journey in regaining that peace; and maybe do it one recipe at a time.

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